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CCH OneClick: Making Tax Digital for VAT-How to enable Permission to clear/add HMRC Authorisation for VAT filing

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Article No:000011236
Q:I am unable to clear token or add the HMRC Authorisation for MTDfVAT.Why ?
A: We have introduced a new permission to control access to the HMRC Authorisations.
If the permission is NOT set then the screen will be like this:

Authorization Screen

All the task permissions for CCH OneClick are held in the OneClick Admin account.You need to login to the admin account using the admin email address( this is the admin  email address used when activating CCH OneClick for the practice by an Administrator) and click on the OneClick Permissions Admin tile as shown below:

admin account

Go to Making Tax Digital : Administrator to add any users that require access to the Authorisation functionality.

User-added image

Once the permission is enabled and you have logged back in to CCH OneClick, the Authorisation screen should look like this :-

Final screen

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File Attachment 5 



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