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Twinfield : Reporting Structures

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Article No:000010137
Reporting structures can be used in Twinfield to set up the nominal layout of your reporting.

A Twinfield organisation will generally be handling multiple companies and in most cases each individual company has its own chart of accounts.
Whereas other bookkeeping systems generally group the general ledger accounts together in their own company administrations, the general ledger accounts in Twinfield are grouped centrally at the organisational level. This is done via Reporting structures.
The big advantage of a centralised reporting structure is that external reporting software only has to be linked once, rather than for each individual company. And once all the general ledger accounts within the organisation have been standardised, it will be possible to create new general ledger accounts across all companies in one go.
Depending on the user rights, reporting structures can be created, general ledger accounts linked to summary levels or reports retrieved in balance sheet overviews only.

The attached PDF explains this function in detail.
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