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Twinfield : Invoice Email Address

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Set your own e-mail address in the sales module: what should I look out for?
In this article you can read all about sending emails to customers from the Twinfield sales module. It is possible to send invoices, reminders and quotes from your own e-mail address if the domain settings allow this.

In Twinfield, invoices, reminders and quotes prepared in the sales module (the blue tiles) can be sent directly to customers by e-mail. This article also talks about invoices, but here you can read reminders or quotes.

By default the sender address for sending digital invoices from this module is:

This is the e-mail address that the recipient of the invoice will see. It is possible to change this sender e-mail address.
To set your e-mail address, go to the Invoice e-mail template using the search bar or choose Sales> Invoices> Invoice e-mail template (on the right side of the page under related).

The following fields can be changed:
From: click on the e-mail address to set a different address. Then choose [Verify].
Reply to: this is the e-mail address for responses and questions from customers (debtors). Tip: always fill in this field, certainly if the 'From' field is not filled in. It is therefore possible to set two different e-mail addresses; one sender address and one address for responses.
The subject and text are also recorded in this template. Note here the distinction between Send invoice as 'Link' versus 'PDF'. The Language selection option also applies to these templates. 
Don't forget to save the changes.

Set your own sender e-mail address
Enter your own e-mail address and click on the link in the verification e-mail that you then receive at the e-mail address you set.
Twinfield may not just send emails from your email address. That is why it is necessary to make settings in the domain. In the default e-mail address the domain is ' '. The modification therefore does not actually have to do with Twinfield directly, but with rules within the domain. 

An adjustment makes it possible for Twinfield to send e-mail messages from its desired address: the adjustment takes place in the so-called DNS settings. Additions can be made in the SPF record in the DNS settings of your own domain. 
As long as Twinfield is not regarded as trusted by an addition to the SPF record, invoices are sent to customers as follows: on behalf of The result is that there is an increased risk that the bill does not end up in the inbox, but the junk mail of the recipient. Warning: improve Email delivery

In Twinfield, the warning 'Improve email delivery' indicates that the correct DNS settings are missing.
For an optimal handling of the e-mails, contact the (system) administrator of the domain and have the following text added to the SPF record within the domain (with a space before the i of include and a space after the m com) :

User-added image

Background (technical)
All SPF records are published as the type of TXT and usually have the following contents:
"v = spf1 mx ~ all".
With this, the domain owner indicates that all mail servers of his domain can be trusted and the rest of the world cannot.
After v = spf1 the desired additions follow, the administrator of the domain is familiar with the way in which an SPF record is constructed.

With the button [Check DNS Settings] Twinfield will recheck or invoices can be sent from the specified domain.

Note: public mail providers such as Gmail and Hotmail DNS settings can not be adjusted. If you use a public email address, we recommend to use our standard email address.
Therefore, there is also the option to restore to: .

Important: there was already an SPF record added for Twinfield?
We are implementing an improvement in mail handling in September, which is why we ask existing customers to adjust the addition to the SPF record once. There is a transition period until 1 November 2019 in which the old addition to the SPF record is still supported.

Anyone who has already added a rule to the SPF record for Twinfield is strongly advised to delete it.
The old addition to the SPF record looks like this:

User-added image

It is best to remove the old addition immediately when the new line is added.
For Twinfield, only include: _spf. required.
Tip: send this article to the domain name administrator so that this person has all the relevant information to adjust the SPF record.
After November 1, without adjusting the SPF record, invoices will from now on arrive at the recipient as follows: on behalf of Set your

Own sender address for reminders and quotations
A sender address cannot be included in the invoice alone email template can be set, but also in:
reminder email template
quote e-mail template
It is advisable to adjust these templates as well.

The SPF record will have to be set once or adjusted for the optimal handling of the mail. The addition to the SPF record is a setting on the domain name and is sufficient for all administrations for which this domain name has been set in the templates.

A message will be displayed in the e-mail templates if this change applies to you or your customer. This makes it easy to check whether an adjustment is required. 

User-added image

Do you want to see how an email arrives at the customer?
Add your own e-mail address as a recipient to a random customer to see how the customer receives invoices that you send from Twinfield.
To do this, go to Sales> Customers. Search and select the desired customer and go to the Invoice Settings. In the 'E-mail address for billing' an extra e-mail address can be added as a recipient, put a comma between two e-mail addresses.
You now also receive an e-mail as soon as an invoice, reminder or quotation is sent to this customer.

Read further?
More background about DNS settings and the SPF record:  I have set my own sender e-mail address in Twinfield: why do these e-mails not reach my client?

Other functions in Twinfield: 
Is it possible to create sales invoices in other languages?
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