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CCH Personal Tax : How to perform a mail merge using tax data

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Article No:2446
How do I perform a mail merge using information from Personal Tax?

Use CCH Reporting to write a report to select the required clients and their tax data, or use one of our pre-written reports.  

Go to the 'Find Clients' search screen, click on the New Search drop down arror and select From Reports then click the Search button.  Choose From Reporting, then locate your report, click on the title and click OK.

Click OK to accept any filter criteria and a list of clients will be shown. 

Continue to run the mail merge as usual by selecting the required clients and clicking on the mail merge icon in the ribbon at the top of the screen.  When you come to editing your template, you will find all fields in your report available as mail merge fields at the end of the list.

If you are new to using our CCH Central mail merge feature, please follow our online help by clicking here.

Note - if planning an
email merge, we recommend selecting a test client first and checking the results before sending to a large number of recipients as you wil not have the opportunity for previewing the email contents.

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