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Article No:000009859

Twinfield has import templates to import master data and transaction data from Microsoft Excel.

1. Download the appropriate import template to your local computer (see below);

2. Complete the master data in the import template;

3. Go to General > System > File management:

     - Click [Upload]. Select the template you just finished;

     - Click [Upload] (on the lower part of the screen). The file appears at 'My Files';

4. Click on the blue action menu button and import the file. Under the section 'Import template' click the drop down option and select the relevant template!

The following import templates are provided in the attached zip file

Master data (remarks are provides on the first row of the sheets)

- Balance sheet general ledger accounts;

- Profit&Loss general ledger accounts;

- International creditors (accounts receivables) / Dutch creditors (accounts receivables)

- Debtors (accounts payables)

- Articles

- Fixed Assets.


-Journal Flat Rate




Remark: If you make an export of existing dimension master data to Excel, you automatically have the right format to import master data! 


Transactions (remarks are provides in a seperate document!)

- Memo transactions

- Payroll

- Cash and bank statement sheets

- Purchase- and sales transactions

- Sales invoices

File Attachment 1
File Attachment 2 
File Attachment 3 
File Attachment 4 
File Attachment 5 



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