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Twinfield : Undo Matching

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Article No:000009967
If you have matched transactions in error and need to un-match those transactions, follow the steps below:-
Note: The undo matching feature can only be used when both transactions are 'final' posted. 
The unmatching tool can be used when you can’t unmatch transactions from within Twinfield (i.e. you can unmatch provisional bank statement transactions without using the unmatching tool).

To use:
  • Unzip the exe from the attached zip file and save onto your PC. 
  • Double click the exe to get to a log in screen
  • Enter your log in details in and choose the relevant client
  • For Dimension Types :
    • DEB – Customers
    • CRD – Suppliers
    • BAS – Balance Sheet
    • PNL – Profit & Loss
    • PRJ – Project
  • Enter Match number
    Run the Matched Transactions report from Accounting/Overview/Reports/Matched Transactions to identify the Match Number if unknown.
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