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Twinfield monthly webinar series

Each month we run a live Q&A webinar in which we answer your questions by providing live demonstrations of how to perform tasks within Twinfield and Basecone, and we also provide a short demonstration of the enhancements and changes within the latest software release.
The webinars are usually on the penultimate Friday of each month, and recordings of the webinars are made available through the links below.

(For November 2018 webinar)

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October 2018 monthly Q&A:
In October we covered the following questions

  • Can I reproduce supplier remittances (starts at 0:30)
  • Can I import budgets? (starts at 4:30)
    In answering this question we provided a quick demo of budget functionality in Twinfield.
  • Can I delete customers in bulk? (starts at 11:00)
  • Can I include provisional transactions in my VAT return? (starts at 12:00)
  • A short update on Making Tax Digital (starts at 15:45)
  • How do I classify a GL code as being a either a debit or a credit on the P&L report (i.e. as an asset or a liability)? (starts at 17:20)
  • Is it possible to add the original currency of the invoice in the supplier transaction report and the matching report? (starts at 26:40)


September 2018 monthly Q&A:

In September we covered two topics in depth during our monthly webinar

  • Twinfield and Making Tax Digital (MTD). We discussed the changes we will be making to Twinfield for MTD, and the processes that users will need to follow for non-standard VAT schemes.  The 45 minute video can be watched via this link:​​​
  • Removal of the classic desktop – scheduled for November 2018. ​We discussed the planned removal of the classic desktop and how this might affect you.  Please note that the removal of the classic desktop will not remove any existing functionality or make any changes to your data.  You can watch the 6 minute video via this link:

July 2018 monthly Q&A:
This month we covered the following topics:
  • New knowledgebase (starts at 0:35)
Questions and Answers:
  • Is there a limit to the number of shortcut tiles I can have on my home screen? (starts at 10:30)
  • How to I fix notification icon issues? (starts at 13:20)
  • How can I post revenue to a different account period to the invoice date? (starts at 21:05)
  • How do you use Insights on the home screen? (starts at 28:20)
  • Can we run P&L reports by cost centre? (starts at 31:45)
  • I have GL codes in my financial reports in a category of ‘Not linked to a summary level’.  What are these? (starts at 36:40)
  • Can you block a cost centre to prevent transactions being posted against it? (starts at 39:55)
  • How does the year number for VAT returns work when your financial year is not a calendar year? (starts at 40:35)
  • Once notification icon issues have been resolved, do you need to separately delete the notifications? (starts at 42:30)

June 2018 Monthly Q&A:

This month we covered the following topics:

  • What does the GL account in BACS Types do? And demonstration of the BACS payment run process (starts at 0:30)
  • How do I import a bank statement from a csv file? (starts at 10:50)
  • Should I wait to process the payment run until it has been processed through the bank? (starts at 17:30)
  • How do I search for amounts on Neo sales invoices? (starts at 22:50)
  • How do I modify Neo sales invoice templates? (starts at 19:35)
  • How do I modify invoice email templates? (starts at 27:40)
  • Is it possible to get statements from Barclays Bank? (starts at 29:10)
  • Is it possible to undo the last several steps of data entry? (starts at 30:10)
  • Should I finalise my BACS payment file before or after uploading to the bank? (starts at 31:30)
  • Can I post invoices from Basecone to Twinfield in bulk, or do I need to post them individually? (starts at 33:25)
  • Why can’t I manually add a new supplier code when creating suppliers via the blue Suppliers tile? (starts at 36:10)
  • Discussion about cost centre and project codes (starts at 40:05)
  • Can I edit the due date of a supplier’s invoice once it has been finalised? (starts at 44:40
May 2018 Monthly Q&A:

This month we covered the following topics:

Basecone demo of recent changes - payment reference and SMS authentication (starts at 0:30)
  • Twinfield reports designer (starts at 8:30)
  • Q&A session including:
  •  How do you set up the multi factor authentication in Twinfield? (starts at 17:10)  
  • How do timeframes work in Neo sales invoicing? (starts at 19:00)
  • How do Basecone and Twinfield synchronise? (starts at 23:20)  
  • We have created new VAT codes in Twinfield but they are not visible within Basecone.  How do I resolve this? (starts at 29:40)
  • Is to possible to sort the aged creditor report by name rather than supplier code? (starts at 31:05)  
  • Invoices waiting to be authorised within Basecone are sent to Twinfield as provisional transactions.  What happens if the invoice is authorised after the period is closed within Twinfield? (starts at 33:45)
  • We have made an online payment that is effectively one payment affecting four Twinfield suppliers.  How do I split the payment to each supplier in the bank statement processing screen? (starts at 40:05)

April 2018 monthly Q&A:
The April Q&A webinar covered the following questions:

  • How do I import data using the import templates from the knowledgebase? (starts at 0:50)
  • Can I process a purchase invoice from the last financial year via Basecone? (starts at 6:45)
  • Can you please show us how to match a sales credit note to a sales invoice? (starts at 11:05)
  • How can I create booking rules in a Basecone? (starts at 15:10)
  • How can I add group totals to a report? (starts at 19:35)
  • Can you show how to repost a credit note that has been finalised but should have been entered as an invoice? (starts at 22:45)
  • Is it possible to edit customer details on an invoice without changing the contact details in the customer? (starts at 26:30)
  • Can you run a Vat analysis report that shows the invoice numbers? (starts at 28:15)
  • Can I save a VAT rate within bank rules? (starts at 32:00)
  • If I want to exclude a supplier invoice from a pay run, can I exclude it at the time I post it via Basecone? (starts at 35:40)
  • Can you show me how to control report access permissions? (starts at 41:00)
  • Is it possible to include provisional transactions on the VAT return? (starts at 42:25)
  • How can I edit bank posting rules? (starts at 43:35)
  • What if a provisional transaction needs to be edited when it has been reported on the VAT return? (starts at 46:50)

March 2018 monthly Q&A:
Full list of questions on answers

Q&A session including:
  • How does the search bar at the top of the screen work? (starts at 1:50)
  • How do I create a foreign currency bank account? (starts at 3:30)
  • How does the bulk validation feature work in Basecone? (starts at 9:00)
  • How can we allocate past payments? (starts at 14:15)
  • How do I pay provisional purchase invoices? (starts at 16:30)
  • How does the ‘spread’ option work on purchase invoices? (starts at 21:05)
  • Can I change the account code for an existing customer or supplier? (starts at 26:40)
  • Can Basecone automatically detect the description of an invoice? (starts at 27:45)
  • Will the spread invoice function work on a 4/4/5 basis rather than monthly accounting periods? (starts at 28:25)
  • Can I run a report of all spread transactions? (starts at 31:00)
  • Can I export supplier/customer information to use for a mail merge? (starts at 33:10)
  • Will the spread functionality be added to Basecone? (starts at 34:30)
  • How do I process transfers between bank accounts? (starts at 35:15)
  • Can I use the spread option for the depreciation of tangible assets? (starts at 36:50)
  • Can I process a supplier payment on account before an invoice has been processed? (starts at 38:00)
  • Can you explain further how spreading using distribution by period works? (starts at 38:45)
Note: the ‘Full list of questions and answers’ document above includes the questions that were not covered during the webinar.
February 2018 monthly Q&A:
Full list of questions on answers : (

  • Demonstration of new features in February 2018 software update (First 9 ½ minutes)
    • New Audit Trail listing
    • New report: VAT overdue invoices
    • Neo sales invoices VAT in base currency
    • New VAT list screen
  • Q&A session including:
    • How can I import opening balances into Twinfield? (starts at 9:30)
    • Can Twinfield be linked to other software such as Quickbooks? (starts at 11:20)
    • Can default posting rules be updated in Neo rather than Classic views? (starts at 12:15)
    • Can posting rules be updated from within Basecone? (starts at 16:20)
    • Why doesn’t Basecone always pick up the relevant information from my supplier invoice? (starts at 17:20)
    • Can the exchange rate used be shown on sales invoices when applicable? (starts at 21:55)
    • Basecone has a new ‘customer feedback’ page – (starts at 22:55)
    • When will Twinfield be phasing out Classic? (starts at 24:35)
    • How can I delete 1 supplier? (starts at 25:25)
    • How can I be removed as the site supervisor and what the implications of doing this? (starts at 28:40)
    • How do I view a detailed breakdown of nominal codes that are in use and report on transactions for that nominal code? (starts at 32:20)
    • How can I create an aged balance report showing just one line per customer or supplier rather than listing all outstanding transactions? (starts at 35:05)
    • How do I match an outstanding payment and an outstanding invoice against a supplier? (starts at 41:25)
  • FAQ document listing all questions including those not covered in the webinar: (insert link to the attached PDF)

View previous webinars by clicking on the links below:
November 2017 software update:

In this webinar we covered the changes in the November release (see
  • Sales quotes – a short demo of sales quotes and explanation about the change regarding the display of VAT
  • Sales invoice discount percentage
  • VAT gateway change – a short demonstration of the Vat reporting and online filing process
  • Q&A session
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