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CCH Central : Checking the version of Microsoft SQL Server hosting the databse(s)

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Article No:000011072
How do I check what version of Microsoft SQL Server is hosting my CCH Central database(s)?
To discover which version of Microsoft SQL Server your CCH Central suite database is being hosted under, perform the following steps from within CCH Central:

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If the SQL version number begins with a "10.0" or a "10.5" then you are running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2 and you should upgrade to a supported version by engaging your IT team and liaising with Wolters Kluwer where necessary.

For completeness, a full list of versions is displayed below:

10.x.x.xSQL Server 2008
10.5.x.xSQL Server 2008 R2
11.x.x.xSQL Server 2012
12.x.x.xSQL Server 2014
13.x.x.xSQL Server 2016
14.x.x.xSQL Server 2017
15.x.x.xSQL Server 2019
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